Design Services
Ranger Apparel runs a comprehensive Product Development Studio geared towards ensuring that customers receive the best output with faster time to market. This facility provides a range of value added services including Design and consultation in order to meet and exceed client expectations.
Our design team conceptualizes each garment with a unique flair while ensuring that every element of the process is thoroughly scrutinized. Our team at the studio are able to support each individual client’s needs because we understand that everyone and every label is unique.
While some of our clients require our input on different ranges, most of our clients look to us to provide services from initial concept development through to production. Therefore we have many sources of inspiration and subscribe to global trend services such as Stylesight in order to keep up with lifestyle and design trends.
We also have an in-house Tex Cad designer with the latest software and hardware to provide cad solutions to our customers. We are able to create the nearest representation of fabric on paper. This helps our customers to choose the best possible colour combination before giving it for a desk loom, saving time and Money.
CAD software and hardware
After the buyer selects fabrics in terms of quality and pattern, for example, from an old shirt, he or she wouldn’t know the difference in count and overall look of the fabric. Our CAD software allows for count and construction of the fabric to be input into the computer, and the nearest representation of the fabric on paper is printed out. This saves precious time for faster choices for customers and creates the opportunity for multiple options. We also have 3D shirt software, where customers can see a 3D image of the shirt before it is produced. In addition to the aforementioned machinery, we also operate equipment like band knife cutters, button stitching machines, button hole machines, feed of arm machines and screen printing machines.