Company Profile
Ranger Apparel Exports was incorporated 16 years ago from the ground up and has now grown into a zero-debt company, with strong financials and promising growth projections.
We originally supplied 40,000 pieces a year, but that figure has now risen to over 900,000 pieces annually.
Our primary customer was Hugo Boss. Having worked with them, our team gained an invaluable and international exposure into the trade.
Ranger has always strived to provide its customers the best solutions, which starts at fabric development and goes into design research.
At present, GANT is our biggest partnership along with Scotch & Soda.
Lacoste and Saba are now a part of our steadily growing associations. Our immediate focus and target is to set up an identical second facility and add to our ‘Men’s' fashion customer base.
Ranger has strong plans for the future, like targeting elite niches, doubling capacity and getting involved with women’s and kids’ clothing as a value add among others. Also, with Ranger Apparel’s extensive in-house capabilities, like the dedicated design studio for example, we are looking at less and less outsourcing as we move forward. We also plan to invest 10%-15% of our turnover into new technology.
Work Culture
We maintain a casual and friendly work environment and have a dedicated and loyal workforce, with most of our employees having received in-house training. Ranger looks after its employees well , necessities like transport and food are all taken care of. We also provides a crèche, an industry rarity.
Company Merchandising
Ranger Apparel follows an ERP system of merchandising, which gives our customers access to key processes and important logistical information. The system handles all our accounts, purchases, logistics and working issues with advantages like bringing down the cost of running, lowered production error and easy tracking of shipments.